Your Birth Plan - Things To Consider

As your pregnancy progresses, it’s a good idea to draft your birth plan so that you can let your midwife know ideally what you would like to happen during labour.

Remember, this is a guide for them because circumstances may dictate that some of the notes in your birth plan cannot be followed.

It is definitely worth doing a birth plan though, because this will ensure that, wherever possible, your labour and delivery will proceed how you would like it to because the professionals caring for you are aware of your wishes.

So what do you need to consider for in order to draft a birth plan? Here are some ideas:

1. Do you want to be up and about during labour, lying on a bed or in a pool?

2. Who would you like in the labour room with you, ie husband, mother?

3. Are you prepared to accept pain relief? Which kinds?

4. Would you prefer to keep internal examinations to a minimum?

5. Do you want the placenta injection to aid the delivery of the placenta?

6. Do you want your baby to have the Vitamin K injection?

7. Who do you want to cut the cord?

8. Do you want your baby to be given to you straight away?

9. Do want to check the sex of your baby or to be told?

10. Do you want your baby to be put to your breast straight away?

Usually, included in your maternity notes is a couple of pages where you can draft your birth plan. Alternatively, you could write your own one and make sure you include it in your maternity notes.

Don’t assume that your midwife or doctor will ask you what you want before they take action or that they will automatically know what you want. The are not mind readers.

If you have not indicated what you want, they may go ahead with what they think. It really is worth having a plan, even if it’s just for a few things you feel strongly about.

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