Tips for getting pregnant

Here are a number of really useful tips for getting pregnant:

1. Make sure you and your partner are both physically as healthy as you can be. This will involve doing what exercise you can, eating a balanced diet, (which includes fruit and vegetables) and giving up anything that can damage your health such as smoking and heavy drinking.

2. Eliminate any unnecessary causes of stress or fatigue such as taking on extra work, partying too hard etc. Having too much going on in your life can stress you out and that in turn has a massive effect on your body and your ability to conceive.

3. Don’t just have sex around the time you think you are ovulating, even if you have used a test to work out when that is, when your period ends start baby-making as soon as you can and as often as you can and don’t stop until just before your next period. You don’t want to risk missing it because your body decides to ovulate at a different time.

4. When your partner has ejaculated prop your bum up or lift your legs up for a good few minutes to encourage the ‘gloop’ to head in the right direction. I'm sure this tip for getting pregnant helped me!

5. After sex try not to wash yourself out down below for as long as you can stand – if you have had sex just before you go to bed then don’t shower yourself out until the next morning.

6. Keep a positive frame of mind, viewing the ‘trying’ time as fun and not worrying if you don’t conceive for a few months.

7. Make sure your partner avoids hot tubs and doesn’t drink too much alcohol as mentioned above; both can damage his sperm. This is a really important tip for getting pregnant. It is amazing just how much of a difference sperm count can make.

8. If you wish to, try alternative therapies such as acupuncture or Chinese medicine, a friend of mine did this and fell pregnant in the first month of trying.

Some women have complications with their reproductive system which make it more difficult for them to get pregnant. One such complication is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). So here i have included some additional information about PCOS and pregnancy.

I will endeavour to find and add any further tips for getting pregnant I come across whilst researching information for my site, I intend to add a comments section so that my site visitors can add any tips they have found to work.

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