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Well I am on the depo injection and in the heat of the moment Sunday night had intercourse without protection. I am only 15 but I'm worried because I have had an argument since that night. It is Tuesday now and my lower stomach feels kind of heavy, if that makes sense, and I have a bad throat and sniffly nose, could I be pregnant? I need to know asap.


Hi, thank you for writing in.

At this stage it's too soon to know whether you are pregnant or not. One factor that might give you an idea of the chances of you being pregnant is where you are in your menstrual cycle.

If it's been around 14 days since your last period then you are more likely to be close to when you ovulate and therefore more likely to fall pregnant.

Your symptoms could just be that you are coming down with something. Try not to worry at this stage.

What you need to do is wait until your next period is due, and then, if you don't come on you can take a pregnancy test and you will find out.

I think it is probably unlikely that you are pregnant, not impossible, but a one off encounter without protection is fairly unlikely to result in pregnancy. Having said that, there is a very real chance that you could be pregnant, so bear that in mind for the future.

Take a look at my page on the
first signs of pregnancy, this might help you to see if any symptoms you get could indicate pregnancy.

I Hope you feel better soon and that this all blows over for you.

All the best

Pregnancy Friend

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