Questions Answered By Mums - Part 1 - Getting Pregnant

To have questions answered by mums is something I felt would benefit anyone who is trying to get pregnant, is currently pregnant or who has a new baby to care for.

Who know better how to give a perspective on something than people who have been through it themselves? These answers should give you a little bit of extra insight. Rather than just reading theory quoted by professionals, here you can learn what some real women have experienced.

Part 1 of Questions Answered By Mums will deal with the subject of getting pregnant. I have asked a few different willing volunteers who have had children to answer some basic questions.

Questions Answered By Mums will hopefully help you to get an idea of what some real mums have experienced, and it gives them an opportunity to pass on any tips they might have.

5 mums took part in Questions Answered By Real Mums Part 1. Let’s see what answers they gave.

1. How many babies have you had?

Mum 1 – 5

Mum 2 – 3

Mum 3 – 3

Mum 4 – nearly 1

Mum 5 – 1

2. Roughly how long did it take you to fall pregnant with each child?

Mum 1 - Straight away with all except the second child and that took two months.

Mum 2 – 1 month

Mum 3 - 4 months for the first (I had been on the pill) 1st try with the 2nd and third.

Mum 4 – 1 month

Mum 5 – 1 month

3. Did you have to undergo any fertility treatment or tests when you were trying to conceive? If so, what were they?

Mum 1 – No

Mum 2 – No

Mum 3 – Nope

Mum 4 – No

Mum 5 – No

4. Have you ever tried methods to try to influence whether you conceive a boy or a girl?

Mum 1 – No

Mum 2 – Yes

Mum 3 – Not yet but I know that you should try to conceive before ovulation for a girl, on the day of ovulation for a boy (the male sperm swim faster apparently!)

Mum 4 – No

Mum 5 - Yes

5. If so, what did you try and did it work?

Mum 1 – N/A

Mum 2 – Trying for a girl a few days before ovulation, missionary position.

Mum 3 – N/A

Mum 4 – N/A

Mum 5 – Definitely not!

6. What advice would you give someone who is trying to get pregnant?

Mum 1 - Don’t worry about it – just have fun.

Mum 2 - Not from personal experience but…..Not to get stressed about it. Enjoy having the intimacy without having to use contraception. If you are struggling, buy ovulation tests to map your individual cycle. Try positions with deeper penetration. Avoid hot tubs, limit caffeine and try and remove as much stress from your life as possible. If overweight try and lose some while still eating healthily. Try and have as much sex as possible, some people moan about not being pregnant when they only have sex 1 or 2 times a week while trying. Try different times of day.

Mum 3 - Eat healthily, don’t get worried if it doesn’t happen straight away, 'babydance' in your 'fertile time' and enjoy your sleep while you can ;)

Mum 4 – To relax and not worry, don’t put yourself under pressure.

Mum 5 - Eat healthy, stay fit, be aware of what can affect fertility eg. alcohol, stress etc etc. Know and understand your cycle.

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