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I have recently found out that I am pregnant and for the past few days I have had a feeling like something is pressing on my bladder and also feeling a little sick and no appetite. On the other hand today I don't feel anything. Is it normal to feel like this somedays and then other days feel rough?


Hello, thank you for your question. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

The symptoms you have been having sound like perfectly normal pregnancy symptoms, nothing to worry about at all. Your womb is becoming heavier and larger so you will feel it pressing down on your bladder more. Also, morning sickness is something that many pregnant women suffer with. For some it is a mild nausea, but for others it is much worse. But even when it is very bad, women normally experience some days that are better than others.

It is usual for each day to be different as so much is changing during the course of a pregnancy. You will probably find that right through your pregnancy you will experience good days and bad days, tired days and energetic days, days when your back hurts and days when it doesn't, that just seems to be how it goes, so please don't worry.

I wish you all the best for your pregnancy and hope this has been of some help.

Take care

Pregnancy Friend

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