Ovualtion and Period


What is the difference between ovulation and getting your period? I've heard that they're the same thing but I wasn't quite sure....


Hi and thank you for your question. I can assure you that ovulation and getting your period are not the same thing.

Women have a menstrual cycle which gives them the potential for having babies.

Each month a woman's body prepares itself to become pregnant. The womb grows a lining of bloody tissue ready to protect an embryo as it grows into a baby and the ovaries (which are at the end of tubes connected to the womb) prepare and then release an egg to be fertilized by a sperm from a man. This fertilized egg (embryo) would then implant itself into the tissue lining of the womb and grow into a baby.

Of course, most months women do not become pregnant. So the egg that has been released from the ovaries just travels into the womb and at the end of the menstrual cycle the bloody tissue comes away from the walls of the womb and passes through the vagina. This is called menstruation, or as most people call it, 'a period'.

So the start of the cycle is a woman's period. About 2 weeks into the cycle (this varies from woman to woman)the ovaries release an egg. This is called ovulation. Sometimes women experience a sharp pain on one side of their tummy when this occurs, depending on which side the egg is released from.

It is at the point of ovulation that a woman is fertile, or in other words, if a woman had unprotected sex at this point there is a high chance it could result in pregnancy.

Roughly 2 weeks after ovulation has occured, if the egg has not been fertilized, then the egg and the lining of the womb will start to pass through the vagina, and this is known as being on a period.

Thus the cycle begins again.

I hope this has been helpful.

Pregnancy Friend

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