Newborn Baby Checklist

Having a newborn baby checklist will help you to make sure you’ve got everything you will need for your new baby and you when he or she arrives. For such a tiny person, a newborn baby doesn’t half need a lot of stuff, and it’s easy to forget things.

I thought it’d be best to make a few separate lists to categorise things a bit more. Feel free to print these and tick them off as you get the bits you need. Hopefully these will ensure that you are as prepared as you can be and will prevent you from sending people dashing to the shops to get things you didn’t realise you would need.

Checklist 1 - Consumables For Baby

Newborn babies get through a lot of nappies and need regular bathing. Their skin is very soft and sensitive and needs looking after. In this list I’ve tried to think of all the bits you’ll need to keep your baby all soft, clean and delicious!

Checklist 2 - Consumables For You

Although you’ve got a very special little person you are caring for, it doesn’t do to forget about your needs and the various things you need to keep yourself feeling well and on top of things, so here’s what you’ll need for yourself.

Checklist 3 - Clothes And Other Essentials For Baby

You’ll find yourself doing a lot more washing when your baby arrives, and so you’ll need plenty of clothes, sheets, blankets etc. so that your baby always has clean things to put on and a fresh bed to sleep in. This newborn baby checklist will help you to make sure you’ve got all the clothes and linen you need.

Checklist 4 - Clothes And Other Essentials For You

In general you feel a bit sore and delicate after giving birth, so having comfortable clothes and things to minimize your discomfort is a must for helping you to cope. This checklist will give you an idea of what you might need.

Checklist 5 - Furniture And Equipment

Newborn babies are small, but they need so many things, either for their safety, to keep them stimulated and occupied or so that you can get out and about with them. This newborn baby checklist will help you to remember what furniture and equipment you will need to have ready for when your baby arrives. Remember though, that I’m talking about newborn babies. As your baby gets older and develops you will need more things for him.

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