Myths About Getting Pregnant

Throughout your life you will have no doubt come across various myths about getting pregnant at some point. Sometimes these can be passed on by people who you would normally listen to, so it can be confusing, and sorting out the myths from the truths can be a challenge.

So I decided to help you clear up some of these myths about getting pregnant. Some are fairly obvious, but you may be surprised how many people believe what is said, so I’ll try to cover ones that are obvious as well as ones that are more subtle.

1. You can’t get pregnant if you have sex for the first time.

This is false, if you have ovulated then you can get pregnant, whether it is your first time or not.

2. You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in water.

This is also false, if sperm comes into contact with your egg, then you can get pregnant, whether you had sex in water or not.

3. You can’t get pregnant if you have sex whilst standing up.

This is not true. While it is thought that some positions are better for conceiving than others because they encourage the sperm in the right direction, sperm can still reach your egg even if you were stood up whilst having sex.

4. You can’t get pregnant whilst breastfeeding.

This is not true. Many women find that during breastfeeding hormones suppress their normal menstrual cycle and stop their periods and ovulation. However, many women do ovulate and have periods during breastfeeding, so it is possible to get pregnant, even if you are breastfeeding.

5. You will get pregnant if you have sex 14 days after your period.

This may be true, if you have a perfect 28 day cycle, but for many this isn’t necessarily the case and ovulation can occur at different times. The egg only lives for 24 hours, so getting pregnant relies on your egg being fertilized shortly after it has been released, and when this happens will vary from woman to woman.

6. If your partner pulls out before he ejaculates you can’t get pregnant.

Not true, men leak out a small amount of semen before they ejaculate and this contains sperm. It only takes one sperm for you to get pregnant. It is less likely you will get pregnant this way, but it is not impossible.

7. You can’t get pregnant during your period.

One of the less obvious myths about getting pregnant, still, this one is also false. You can get pregnant if your egg comes into contact with sperm. Some women ovulate during their period, so this is possible, although very unlikely.

Here you can find out more about getting pregnant during your period.

So hopefully we’ve cleared up some of the myths about getting pregnant. If you know what is and isn’t possible then you stand a better chance of either avoiding getting pregnant, (if you don’t want a baby) or increasing your chances (if you do).

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