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I had unprotected sex twice on 9/9/2011 and on 9/18/2011, 9/19/2011, 9/20/2011 I was spotting and also having headaches on those three days plus 9/21/2011. I have been feeling nauseous (but can't throw up). I woke up on the 9/22/2011 with like a lead taste in my mouth and also having runny nose. I have been feeling very tired lately. My breasts are not tender and my period doesn't come on until 9/29/2011. Is it possible that I am pregnant? Or do you think I should wait until I bypass my due date of having my period and then take a HPT to see if I am? If you have not responded to me by 9/29/2011 I will try my best to find this and comment on it and let you know what happened. Thank you for reading and I hope I get a response soon :)


Hi there, and thank you for your question and friendly manner. :o)

Well, this is the thing with having unprotected sex near to the middle of your menstrual cycle, it often results in pregnancy!

From what you have said, you were having sex regularly around the time when you are likely to have ovulated, so if you and your partner are both fertile, then there is a good chance that you are pregnant, especially with all the symptoms that you describe.

However, you won't really know for sure until your period doesn't start and you do a pregnancy test. Many women know that they feel different and aren't surprised to see a positive result, but you still can't say for definite that you are pregnant unless you've got that positive result.

My advice would be to wait a little longer and then take a test. Try not to get yourself too excited or used to the idea until you know for sure. Otherwise you could be quite sad and disappointed if you are not pregnant.

I understand what you are saying about kind of being excited and kind of not. If this wasn't planned, then it could take a bit of getting used to, but at the same time, the thought of having a tiny new life growing inside you, I believe, makes most women feel quite special.

I really hope you get the result you want, and please do let me know if you get a chance to.

Thanks again

All the best

Pregnancy Friend

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