Is there a chance I could be pregnant ?

by Brittany
(Virgina )


So I had sex Thursday night, no condom (dumb decision) & I had just got off my period but ever since then my lower stomach area has been hurting on & off & I'm nervous about if I'm pregnant or not. Do you guys think I am?


Hi and thank you for your question. In reality, if you have sex without using a condom or any other form of contraception then you run the risk of becoming pregnant. However, there are certain times during your menstrual cycle when this is more likely to happen than others.

You said that you had just finished your period. You can only become pregnant if you have sex around when you ovulate and a sperm fertilizes your egg. If you haven't ovulated then you cannot become pregnant.

Most women ovulate around the middle of their menstrual cycle, so around 2 weeks after their last period started. That being the case it is fairly unlikely that you are pregnant if you had unprotected sex right after your period.

Of course there are no guarantees, and women can ovulate at any time during their cycle, especially if their cycles are a bit irregular. However, if you keep an eye on things during this cycle you will probably be able to pinpoint when your ovulation occurs. If you ovulate in a week or so then you'll know that it is very unlikely that you are pregnant.

Things to look out for to pinpoint ovulation are a rise in your body temperature, pains in your ovaries (normally just one side), and your vaginal discharge becomes clear and like the consistency of egg white.

If you continue to experience odd symptoms and still feel that you might be pregnant then all you can really do is wait until your next period is overdue and take a pregnancy test.

Hope this helps, all the best.

Pregnancy Friend

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