Intense Sickness With Baby Number One

by Alison
(Tunbridge Wells)

Hi, I was so, so sick when I was pregnant with my daughter. It started around week 6 and went through till week 20. On average I vomited three times a day but for a few weeks there it was up to 8 times and it was much, much worse after 5pm. I actually found the mornings more bearable than the evenings.

I stopped everything, going out, buying the weekly groceries, housework, it was such a difficult time. What I did do however is stay at work. I would be in tears in the ladies' loo, vomiting and then returning to my desk breathing through my nose as I took calls. It was a miserable time and I felt guilty admitting that as we had wanted a baby for so long and I didn't want to seem ungrateful!

I went to the doctors around week 8 and was put on anti-sickness tablets which sort of worked but made me very drowsy indeed- I still felt very sick but vomited less.

At week 12 (when most women find the sickness eases) my body gave up. I called in sick at work citing nausea (I imagined they rolled their eyes). After two days of being in bed I realised I hadn't kept anything down for 48 hours and that included water. I half-heartedly called the doctors and after an express appointment was admitted into hospital as I was dehydrated and I had +5 ketones in my urine- (signs that your kidneys are close to failing!!)

In hindsight my job was probably a huge contributor to my sickness- it was a very stressful work place and I let it take priority even though I was suffering. I certainly think stress and fatigue make it much, much worse.

Although I vomited everything up there were a few things that I didn't mind trying again each day so they were my 'neutrals'. They were bananas, coca cola and ice. I would also sniff orange peel at my desk and it really calmed my stomach for a few seconds!

I didn't eat meat or salad for the entire pregnancy- I couldn't bear them! After week 20 things really settled down. I would have the occasional bad day but I felt liberated in comparison. I ate stacks of chocolate in my third trimester and loved it!

I will say one thing for that nausea- I knew it was a strong pregnancy- I may have been withering but my baby girl thrived! She came out weighing 8lb 5 and everyone commented on how pink she was- she was well 'cooked' in there! My suffering produced a perfect little girl and it was so, so worth it.

Baby number two is on the way (very early days- just 5 weeks) I am making myself eat every two hours- I am hoping if I keep my stomach ticking over it won't plummet into old habits-- I will keep you posted!

Hi Alison,

Thank you so much for your contribution and insight into what your sickness was like. Your comments are exactly the sort of thing that I've been hoping to receive for my site. Lots of detail and a really good, clear and well-written explanation of what you went through and what did and didn't help, so thank you so much for that.

You poor thing, I know how you felt, my sickness finished at week 20 too, and then I caught flu at week 21!

I think you are doing the right thing to try to keep your stomach from being empty this time, I know that an empty stomach really aggravates morning sickness, so even if you are force-feeding yourself, it's important to keep eating.

You may find that you are not as bad this time, every pregnancy is different, and also, you may be having a boy, which could mean you get less sick. I was definitely better with Freddy than I am this time, (and I'm having a girl this time).

Thanks again

Kind regards


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