I'm Not Sure If I'm Pregnant Yet

by Amy


I am late on, but also my breasts are really sore. I'm constantly needing the toilet, more often then usual and I have got the lower pains in my back and belly exactly like I would if I was about to come on my period, but haven't taken a test yet because I think its too early.

Do you think I'm pregnant?


Hi, thank you for your question.

Your symptoms all sound very positive. If you are trying for a baby or you had unprotected sex around the time of ovulation then there is a good chance that you are pregnant.

The only way to be sure, though, is by doing a pregnancy test. If your period is due but you haven't come on then it is not too early to do a test. Some tests will even give you an accurate result a few days before your period is due.

If you are pregnant, the HCG levels in your urine should be high enough for a test to detect it. Just to make sure you get the highest concentration of HCG in your urine I would recommend you do the test first thing in the morning using your first urine of the day.

I hope you get the result you are after.

All the best.

Pregnancy Friend

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