I Am Pregnant

by hira aziz


I have a back problem and i have been pregnant for three months. What advice do you have?


Hello, congratulations on your pregnancy!

It is quite normal to get back ache during pregnancy, even from early on. You haven't stated the nature of your back problem, but i'm guessing it is probably lower back ache?

If your problem is more severe and causing you lots of discomfort then you should see your midwife or doctor as they will be able to advise you on what to do.

If you are experiencing general discomfort, on and off in your lower back then this is perfectly normal.

The reason for this is that the pregnancy hormones that are racing around your body are causing your muscles to start to relax in preparation for labour.

Because your muscles are more relaxed, your joints and bones don't get quite the same support that they are used to, and this can cause them to ache and become a bit uncomfortable.

This is also aggravated as your bump grows and your back struggles to adjust to the fairly rapid weight gain that is happening to your body.

When i was pregnant i started getting lower back pains, a bit like sciatica, at around 8 weeks, and it continued on and off throughout my pregnancy.

The back ache was made worse when i did housework that involved bending, like vacuuming or sweeping, but resting would help it to improve.

So i would suggest that you tackle housework in a way that will allow for some time to rest up afterwards. Don't do all your chores that involve bending in one go.

A nice warm (not too hot) bath always helps with lower back ache, so try to have as many baths as you can as this will help to ease it.

Another thing that helps is getting your partner or a friend to massage the area that hurts.

As your bump grows your back may hurt more. Some women find that wearing an elasticated support belt around the bottom of your bump and lower back really helps to take the strain off your back and lower belly.

I hope your back problem improves and that you find something useful here.

Thank you for your question.

All the best


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