Early Stages Of Being Pregnant


My girlfriend has gained weight really quite fast in the last month or two. Her stomach is hard, her fingers are swollen and she has bin getting pulling apart like pains in her lower stomach and has been feeling and being sick for the last week. We went to the doctors to have her checked out and the test came back negative and they just told us to keep trying the home tests, is that normal?



Thanks for your question. It can be very confusing when girls get symptoms that could indicate pregnancy, but tests are still negative.

The symptoms you describe do sound like ones that can be linked with the early stages of pregnancy. Obviously something is going on that is making your girlfriend feel different to usual and you are keen to find out what it is.

I would suggest that you and your girlfriend try to pinpoint where she might be in her menstrual cycle. Does she have regular periods? If so, is she due to have a period but not starting? Is she in the middle of her cycle? If her periods are irregular, think about when her last period was and if it was over a month ago.

If your girlfriend is near the middle of her menstrual cycle or not due a period yet then it is too early to do a test.

If she is due to have a period or has irregular cycles but hasn't had a period for quite a while then you can do a home test and if she is pregnant the result should be positive.

A friend of mine went to the doctors with tummy pains and they did a pregnancy test but it came back negative. A couple of days later she tested again and the result was positive, so depending on where women are in their cycle, test results can sometimes be misleading.

If all tests come back negative after trying over a period of time but her symptoms persist then please take her back to the doctors and try to find out what might be causing the symptoms.

Hope it all works out for you both.

Kind regards

Pregnancy Friend

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