Early Signs of Pregnancy

So, you’ve been trying for a baby and you are at that exciting stage where you are wondering ‘am I pregnant?’ Perhaps it’s too soon for you to do a pregnancy test, or perhaps your periods are irregular so you’re really not sure if you are or not. You are no doubt wondering what are some early signs of pregnancy.

Of course, if you’ve missed your period and think you might be pregnant then the easiest way to find out is by doing a test. You can get these quite cheaply from a local supermarket or pharmacy and they are really very accurate. The best time to do a pregnancy test is first thing in the morning as the pregnancy hormone that it picks up in your urine is the strongest at this time.

However, if you are anything like me then way before you’re due to start your period you’ll be dying to know whether all that baby-making has worked or not. So what are some very early pregnancy signs of pregnancy that you might be able to look out for?

First of all just be aware that some women (me, for example) don’t really have any detectable early signs and just have to wait until the test tells them yes or no. But other women experience changes right away that they can pick up on and feel certain that they are pregnant before they do a test.

Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy

So, some of the early signs of pregnancy you may notice or experience are:

1) A heightening of your sense of smell, bad smells becoming unbearable, subtle smells becoming stronger etc.

2) A metallic taste in your mouth that can put you off certain foods or make you feel a bit nauseous.

3) Swelling and tenderness of your breasts. (Tricky one though as it’s also a symptom of an imminent period).

4) Needing to wee more regularly.

5) Darkening of your nipples and the areola around the nipple.

6) Feeling sick (known as morning sickness but can actually affect you any time of the day).

7) An increase in your vaginal discharge, but not with itchiness or soreness, which would indicate an infection.

8) Feeling more tired than usual.

9) Some women report of a general feeling that something has changed in their body, this is more instinctive.

10) Constipation.

11) Some women get small blood clots up their nose or even nose bleeds.

12) A stuffy nose or tickly cough can also be a symptom for some.

A friend of mine pretty well experienced all of these symptoms before she did a pregnancy test so we had a good idea that she was pregnant, although we were still in doubt until she actually took the test, as this is what really confirms things.

An early sign of pregnancy that can throw you if you’re not sure what to expect, is experiencing the same symptoms as you would if you were just about to have your period.

When I was pregnant, but before I knew I was, I was getting all the usual lower tummy aches and twinges, my back was achy and my breasts were sore and slightly swollen just like before my period starts.

I even kept expecting to find my period had started when I went to the toilet because the symptoms were that similar. However, as I discovered, this does not mean that you are not pregnant. I was certainly surprised when the test was positive.

So, if you are experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms then it could mean that you are in the very early stages of pregnancy. Don’t be dismayed though, if you are not experiencing those symptoms, because not all women do, and as I said before, I was convinced I wasn’t pregnant when actually I was because the only symptom I had was sore breasts, which could have meant I was about to start my period.

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