by Paige
(baldwyn ms america)


After a woman has a baby and she is past the six week stage of not being able to have sex, will sex feel the same after she pushed a child out of her genital area?


Hi Paige, thank you for your question.

I think that how sex feels after giving birth naturally varies from woman to woman. Some women tear or are cut when they give birth and this means that sex can be a little uncomfortable for a while as the area heals.

Also, after the vagina has stretched during child birth it can feel a little bigger than before and it is important to keep doing pelvic floor exercises as this will strengthen the area again.

After giving birth many women will notice that the general shape of the vagina and perineal area (the area between the vagina and anus) has changed slightly from what it was before. Some women may find that they enjoy sex more after having babies and some find that their genitals are less sensitive than before.

So there's no rule as to how giving birth will affect each woman as regards sexual activity afterwards, but most likely sex will feel a bit different than it did before because of the changes that take place to the female anatomy during childbirth.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

Pregnancy Friend

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