My husband and I have always had problems pinpointing my ovulation, but recently I found out I was pregnant. We are just curious as to when I conceived, not for paternity matters, just for ourselves, we find all this mind boggling.

My last menstrual period was June 11 2011 we had intercourse earlier before I started and then again on the 13th and the 25th and 28th. The wheel says I'm six weeks and 6 days and conceived around the 25th. Last friday I had some problems, they did an ultrasound and all they saw was a sac no baby no heartbeat. So actually I don't really know how far along am either... sooooo confused!


Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that they didn't find a heartbeat, that must be devastating for you.

If you can't pinpoint when you ovulate it is difficult to know exactly when you conceived. To help you pinpoint your ovulation in future you could try a few things:

1. You can get ovulation test kits which will tell you each month when you ovulate - after a few months you will have an idea of when this normally occurs.

2. You can chart your basal body temperature each month and when you see a peak in your temperature you know you are about to ovulate.

3. You can keep an eye on your cervical mucus as the consistency changes during ovulation to being clear and like the consistency of egg white.

4. Some women notice a slight pain or aching on one side of their abdomen during ovulation, depending on which ovary is producing the egg.

I will always say to people though, not to get too hung up on when they ovulate, because ovulation can actually occur at different times each month, so it's tricky to know beforehand exactly when you will ovulate.

If you have regular periods and generally the same number of days in between then you can use my pregnancy conception calculator to work out when you are likely to have conceived.

For future attempts to conceive, I would suggest that you start to chart your temperature, or do the ovulation tests and find out when you normally ovulate. Once you've found that out you can work out roughly when you will have conceived because the egg only lasts for about 1 day before the opportunity to conceive is missed.

As for this time around, If your period was on 11th June and your cycles are regular and around 28 days, then I would say it is likely that you conceived on or just after 25th June because that is about 14 days into your cycle and is usually when ovulation would take place.

Once again I am so sorry that it didn't work out for you this time, but try to keep positive and keep trying.

I had what they call a 'chemical pregnancy' just before I got pregnant with my daughter. I had a positive test result in the July and then, my period started about 5 days overdue, which means I miscarried very early on. It's very sad, but I tried again the next month and fell pregnant straight away and everything was fine.

Hope this has been helpful.

All the best.

Pregnancy Friend

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Jul 30, 2011
to jojo
by: Anonymous

see thats whats weird they said by the ultra sound it was too early top see a baby or hear a heart beat... when i went in for bleeding they said my blood count had doubled over the day and a half so they believe i was just to early to see the baby so hopefully its not miscarried but we were just curious as to if its possible i could have gotten pregnant that day of my period

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