Checklist 5 - Furniture And Equipment

· Crib or Moses Basket

· Pram/buggy

· Sterilizer

· Bottles (even if you are breastfeeding, it is good to have bottles on standby)

· Breast pump (electric ones are easier than hand pumps)

· Changing mat and stand (I use a stand from IKEA, it’s brilliant at £27 and saves your knees)

· Nursing chair (if you haven’t already got a suitable place to sit and feed the baby)

· Cot (for when baby has outgrown the crib)

· Car seat

· Bouncy chair (for baby to sit in while you are busy)

· Nursing cushion (shaped like a horseshoe, they are perfect for sitting on if you’ve had stitches and also supporting baby whilst feeding)

· Play mat/play arch

· Thermometer (it’s worth investing in a digital one, as these give you quick and accurate readings if baby is unwell and distressed)

· Musical cot mobile (babies love to have soothing music to go to sleep to)

· Changing bag (nice big one)

· Changing box (to keep nappies, creams etc in at home)

· Twin tub (you put warm water in one side for dipping cotton wool when changing baby and then dispose of it in the other side)

· Baby carrier (like a papoose, if you want to be buggy-free sometimes)

· Baby bath, or bath seat for using in the big bath tub


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