Checklist 2 - Clothes And Other Essentials For Baby

· 10 x Newborn size baby grows and vests (in neutral colours if you don’t know the sex of your baby)

· 10 x Early baby size baby grows and vests (if you think your baby will be under 6 and a half pounds)

· 10 x 0-3 months size baby grows and vests (if your baby is over around 9 and a half pounds)

· Several hats to keep baby warm

· Scratch mits ( a few pairs)

· Booties (a few pairs)

· 7 x pairs of socks

· Bibs

· Cardigans

· 2 x Sleep bag/grobag/slumber sac

· Padded snowsuit (if weather is cold)

· Sun hats (if weather is hot)

· Muslin cloths (the more the better, for baby sick and dribble)

· 3 x Crib size fitted sheets

· 6 x Cot size flat sheets (brushed cotton ones are really nice and soft and good for swaddling baby)

· 3 x Cot size fitted sheets

· 4 x Cot size blankets (I find cellular blankets are really good, and a few fleecy ones for extra warmth)

· 6 x Square terry towels (the sort used for terry nappies, also good for mopping up sick and putting under baby when changing the nappy)

· Baby nail scissors and hair brush

· 2 x Baby bath towels (hooded ones are ok, but I find them a little bit small, so I got some fluffy, white Egyptian cotton ones for Freddy so I could wrap him up all cosy)


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