Checklist 1 - Consumables For Baby

· Nappies size 1 (a couple of packs should start you off)

· Nappy sacks

· Baby wipes

· Cotton wool (roll, pads, balls, buds etc)

· Zinc and caster oil cream (barrier cream for baby’s bottom to prevent soreness from wet nappies)

· Baby oil, bubble bath, body wash and shampoo (best to get sensitive skin versions of these because your baby may have sensitive skin)

· Sudocrem (emollient barrier cream for baby’s bottom to soothe soreness and help it to heal)

· Baby sun cream (very high factor)

· Baby bath sponge

· Calpol (make sure you check the dosage)

· Baby massage oil

· Infacol or Dentinox (for babies with colic)


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