9 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

At 9 weeks pregnant your baby is roughly 3cm or 1 and a quarter inches long. The mouth and nose are clearly visible and the arms and legs are still growing.

Until now, your baby’s frame has been of soft cartilage, but at 9 weeks this cartilage begins to turn into bone.


Likely you will notice a bit of weight gain at this stage. Your ante-natal care may not include monitoring your weight so you might want to weigh yourself regularly and make a note of it.

You may still be feeling tired and sick, try to eat as healthily as possible and keep your chin up, not long now until you’ll start to feel better again.

Your gums will become softer and thicker because of hormones. They may bleed when you brush your teeth. Make sure you brush regularly to keep good oral hygiene.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 9

I’m looking forward to this week because I get to see my midwife and that starts to make it all seem more real.

At 9 weeks pregnant, i've had some days of feeling really poorly with the sickness and the vomiting has increased to 2-3 times a day. I’m starting to think I spoke to soon when I told my nan that my sickness doesn’t seem so bad this time.

To make things worse, Davo twisted his ankle at the weekend playing football and he can’t walk on it. I had to take him to the hospital and they said that he has done a good job of wrecking the ligaments on both sides. He needs crutches and needs to keep it up above heart level for a few days. They said it will be weeks before he can walk on it.

This all means that rather than Davo being able to help me with housework, meals and caring for Freddy while I’m ill, I have to do all of it myself, AND do extra for him too because he can’t even get himself a drink and can’t drive.

Things have started looking really bleak. I am still really pleased to be pregnant, but It’s all overshadowed by feeling so ill and not getting a break from anything.

I’ve seen my midwife now, she was really nice and was really pleased to see Freddy again. I can talk to her really easily, so I think I jabbered away a bit and probably bored her to death. She arranged an appointment for my first scan so I have that to look forward to now.

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