7 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

When you are 7 weeks pregnant your baby is developing fast. At about 13mm long, your baby is still very tiny, a bit smaller than your little toe, but the nostrils, lips, tongue and teeth are beginning to form.

The four chambers in the heart have formed, and baby’s arms and legs are growing. The head is large in relation to the rest of the body.


You will probably not see any significant physical changes to your body yet. At 7 weeks your baby is so tiny that people will not be able to detect that you are pregnant by looking at you.

You may, however, start noticing your lower abdomen changing shape slightly and perhaps becoming firmer as changes start to take place. Your jeans may feel slightly tighter on you than they did before.

Morning sickness may have just kicked in for you making you feel rough, and also you will likely be feeling extremely tired. Try to rest as much as you can. Don’t worry if you feel a bit dizzy and faint at times, this is also normal.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 7

The sickness has stepped up a gear and I have started vomiting some days. Food is becoming less and less appealing, but I have to force myself to snack regularly on digestive biscuits.

I’m also starting to feel really tired, but I’m keeping positive, even like this, I can manage.

I rang my GP surgery to make an appointment to see my GP and start my antenatal care. When I went for my appointment my GP seemed pleased for me in her quiet way and said she will get a midwife to give me a call.

There is a definite roundness to my tummy now. I looked at pictures from my last pregnancy and realised that now, at 7 weeks pregnant, I’m about the same size as week 17 last time!

After a visit to my in-laws they have guessed that I’m pregnant because I seemed quiet and tired. Others seem to be guessing so we’ve decided to tell close friends and family. Most people are really pleased for us and a few said that they had already guessed.

My midwife called and made an appointment to see me during week 9. I’m on holiday during week 8 so I can’t see her then. I’m excited at the prospect of seeing her again as she was my midwife last time and she is really lovely.

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