6 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

At 6 weeks pregnant your baby’s heart will have formed and is beginning to beat. Blood vessels will have started to form as has the umbilical cord connecting the embryo to the placenta.

The head has begun to start forming eyes, ears and a mouth, and there are little buds, which will develop into arms and legs. Baby looks a little bit like a tadpole at this stage and is about the size of your little fingernail.


You may have started suffering from morning sickness and your sense of smell has likely heightened so that strong smells make you feel quite sick.

Your skin may be a bit dry or spotty and you will probably be feeling very tired, don’t forget all the work that your body is doing!

You are probably still coming to terms with the fact that you are actually pregnant. If it was a bit of a shock, don’t feel bad for not jumping for joy. You still need more time to adjust to what is happening. It’s a pretty big deal after all.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 6

The sickness is starting to increase but is still manageable for now. I’m coping very well but starting to feel a little more tired than usual.

When I tell Freddy that I have a baby in my tummy he sucks his thumb and cuddles into my tummy.

I’m still full of the joys of pregnancy and really positive, hoping I might get away with mild sickness this time.

I’ve not had any cramps, spotting or anything, which is a relief. I feel deep down that this is a healthy baby, this helps me to put worries to the back of my mind.

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