5 Weeks Pregnant

by Nina


Firstly thank you for your detailed information for private scans, I was going mad. I am pregnant and was bleeding heavily for 4 days. I went to A&E but the NHS wouldn't scan just to see if everything was ok. I am 5 weeks pregnant and all they did was some blood tests that even they are not sure about, I am still in pain but no help at all...

I am deciding to go private. If you have any company or consultant that takes care of private maternity care I would appreciate it..



Hi and thank you for your comments. Congratulations on your pregnancy, but I'm sorry to hear about your concerns too. I'm surprised that the NHS won't scan you when you have been bleeding like that! Have you seen your GP? He/she might be able to refer you to the hospital for a scan.

The private scan that I had was with Babybond. I believe they have a clinic in Stretford, Manchester, which may be your nearest? They do an early pregnancy scan which you can have between weeks 7 and 11 to check if everything is ok.

I would really recommend you give them a call and get advice from them, I found them to be extremely helpful and professional. They may also be able to advise you on who would be good to look after the rest of your antenatal care privately, as I'm not sure I can make any recommendations for private antenatal care, only the ultrasound scanning side of things.

I really hope everything is ok with your pregnancy and you get looked after the way you should be.

All the best

Pregnancy Friend

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