39 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

By 39 weeks pregnant your baby is now fully developed and able to function on it’s own, although at the moment it is still being nourished by the placenta.

Baby is ready for birth and the bones of the skull are ready so that, when baby passes through your cervix, they can slide over each other to prevent damage.

Baby is still putting on weight, but should already be a healthy weight for birth at about 7 pounds and 49cm in length.


So you may be getting fed up with waiting now, but just remind yourself that it won’t be long!

At any time you could experience the first signs of labour, which could include an intense back ache, a show of the mucus plug from your cervix, waters breaking, or contractions starting.

Don’t sit around waiting, try to keep occupied as this will make time pass quicker. Some cook and freeze meals so that when the baby is born they don’t have to think about cooking.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 39

It’s weird feeling that now i'm 39 weeks pregnant I could go into labour at any time. These last weeks are dragging a bit. I’m trying to drink raspberry leaf tea regularly and also take the tablets. I’ve been feeling quite tired because of the weight of my tummy and it’s causing my back to hurt every time I do too much walking or bending down.

Bathing Freddy and lifting him in general is a challenge.

I’m really excited about the labour and I’m really hoping that it all goes smoothly. My Braxton Hicks contractions are getting more regular, and I notice that I get them more after drinking the raspberry leaf tea.

I’ve had the odd night where I’ve been getting a tummy ache like period pains, and each time I get excited wondering if this is it, but by the morning I’m back to normal.

I’ve still got the crib to set up and some sorting of cupboards to do, I’m definitely not as organised this time around. At least my bags are packed ready to go into hospital.

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