37 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

By 37 weeks pregnant your baby is classed as full term and has started to produce a hormone called cortisone, which helps the lungs to mature fully, so that once they are born they can start to breath properly.

The fine hair that covers baby (lanugo) is starting to wear off now. There’s not much room in your uterus, so baby is in a curled up position with his/her arms and legs folded in, but will still be wriggling and making a surprising amount of strong movements.

Baby is still growing steadily and should be about 47cm long and will weigh around 6 pounds.


Your baby could arrive at any time from this point until week 42, so try to reserve your energy. This means not doing too much, despite the urge to spring clean your house. (This is what is called the nesting instinct).

You could be getting more Braxton Hicks contractions as your body prepares for labour. You will likely feel a lot of weight pressing on your lower abdomen and pelvic floor, so walking will be getting increasingly uncomfortable.

At least your breathing should be easier because baby is lower down and not pressing on your diaphragm so much.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 37

This week started badly with a tummy bug. I spent all day being sick and was worried that, at 37 weeks pregnant, it might start something off, but the next day I felt a lot better, and a couple of days after I was back to my energetic self sorting and getting things ready for the party.

I still feel really good and healthy and now I’ve reached 37 weeks pregnant I’m ready for the baby to come whenever she wants to.

One of the nights this week I couldn’t sleep due to period-like pains. They lasted all night and a bit into the morning and I thought something might be happening, but then they eased off and I’ve been fine since, just an increased amount of Braxton Hicks.

I’m drinking raspberry leaf tea and taking raspberry leaf tablets as they are supposed to help contractions to be more affective during labour.

A few people have said that my bump looks lower now, and I am feeling her pressing lower down inside, so maybe her head is more engaged now. I shall find out next week when I see the midwife again.

I’ve got lots to do this week to get things ready for the party, but I’m enjoying being busy. I probably should be resting a little more, but I’ve been feeling a bit restless in the day and unable to sleep. I’m also getting up a bit earlier because I get quite uncomfortable by morning. I think your body seems to prepare you a little bit for having to get up in the night and early morning to feed a baby.

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