36 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

36 weeks pregnant and your baby is very nearly ready for birth. All the organs are formed and he/she is busy practising breathing, sleeping, wriggling, blinking and sucking.

At this point your midwife may tell you that baby’s head is ‘engaged’. This means that the head has started to settle down into your pelvis. For first time mothers, once the head is engaged it stays there, but for women who have already had a baby the head can engage and then come back out again on and off until labour starts.

Baby is about 46cm long and weighs roughly 5 and a half pounds.


As your baby settles lower down in your abdomen you may find it is a little easier to breath. However, the lower position of baby will mean more pressure on your bladder and you will likely feel the need to go to the toilet more regularly.

Your antenatal checks will start to be every week from now on so that your midwife can check the position of your baby, your blood pressure and make sure everything is as it should be.

If you are finding back ache a problem then try to take it easy and have as many warm (not too hot) baths as you can as this helps to ease the aching.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 36

I’m still feeling pretty energetic this week, I have the odd day when I feel tired and a bit tearful, but that is to be expected.

Midwife again this week, and at 36 weeks pregnant, everything is as it should be. Baby is in a good position for labour. Her head is only a tiny bit engaged though. I had another blood test for iron and the results came back as satisfactory, so I’m really pleased that the tablets and grape juice have been working.

I’ve washed all my bits for the pram and car seat so that’s all ready to go. The weather has started to improve loads so I’ve been putting things out on the line, which is lovely and makes me feel like spring is on it’s way.

I’m arranging a party for the kids in the family and it’s in a couple of weeks. I still have quite a bit to get sorted, but it’s keeping me busy. I’d sooner be rushed off my feet a bit than sitting around not doing much.

I’ve added more essentials to my hospital bag and that is pretty much done now, apart from a couple of bits I need to wash and add to it.

My pelvis hasn’t given me any bother so as long as I can deal with my back ache I’m fine. If my back is really bad I ask Davo to do any bending down for me, so it’s not a problem. Usually my back is better each morning and I can start the day feeling pretty good. Now I'm 36 weeks pregnant I’m having to get up to use the toilet at least once in the night, sometimes twice.

I’ve been doing the perineal massage. I’m hoping it will help, but I will have to wait and see. I’ve got a few more stretchmarks on my tummy than I did last time. I think it’s because this baby is so wriggly and stretches herself out so much. The worst ones are on the left side where her bum pushes right out. 4 weeks to go!!

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