35 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

Because your baby, at 35 weeks pregnant, is filling almost your entire uterus, you will likely find it a bit uncomfortable when he/she moves around, especially when pressure is put on your bladder or bowels.

As your baby practises breathing he/she swallows amniotic fluid and will often get hiccups that are very pronounced.

Your baby should be about 45cm long and will weigh about 5 pounds.


You may be starting to feel a bit scared of anxious about the labour. It’s a good idea to discuss your worries with your midwife, as she will be able to help you to think positively about it.

Over these last weeks your body will need an extra 200 calories per day, so pay attention to your diet. Doing gentle exercise is a good idea too. Swimming is especially nice as it takes the weight of your bump off of you and helps you to relax.

You may get a burst of energy over the next few weeks, but be careful not to overdo it, you need to reserve your energy as much as possible.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 35

I have started to pack my hospital bag at 35 weeks pregnant. I’ve put in quite a few bits for the baby, and a few of the consumable bits I will need such as maternity and breast pads, nappies and cotton wool, but there’s still loads that needs to go in.

I’ve washed all of the first size clothes I’ve got for the baby and put it away in her chest of drawers. It feels good to start getting organized. I’ve got to get all the bits out for my pram and wash them all.

I’m trying to keep on top of the house tidying and cleaning as much as possible. A friend of mine had her baby early at 35 weeks and it feels weird to think of that as a possibility. I don’t want to be caught out when I’m not ready.

Braxton Hicks continue, mostly in the evenings or when I’m doing quite a bit of walking around.

I’ve ordered some perineal massage oil because I’m worried about tearing when the baby is delivered, so I’ll give that a try.

Lots of movements from baby at 35 weeks pregnant, she’s pretty consistent with that and still in the same position as far as I can tell.

Freddy seems to be coming to terms with the idea that he has a baby sister in my tummy and he likes looking at the scan photo.

I’m feeling quite excited about the labour now, and just really hope it goes smoothly and I get to try a water birth.

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