33 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

By 33 weeks pregnant your baby has fully formed fingernails, although the toenails are not quite as advanced.

Baby’s lungs are almost fully developed and he/she can clearly see light, so if you are in a strong light, your baby will be able to see a red glow from inside your tummy.

At this stage the vernix (white substance) covering the skin has become thicker.

Baby is about 41cm long and weighs around 4 pounds.


At this stage you may be starting to look forward to the pregnancy being over. You have quite a bit of extra weight to carry around and this is probably slowing you down a bit and making you feel tired.

As the skin on your tummy stretches you may find it itches. You can use moisturizer to soothe this. If you are itching a lot then tell your midwife or GP as in some cases this can indicate a rare liver condition that can affect babies.

Your weight gain should have slowed down to a steadier pace by now. You are probably counting down the weeks to go. If you haven’t seen the maternity ward where you plan to have your baby then now would be a good time to arrange a visit.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 33

I’ve got my double buggy, the lady accepted the offer and it all went very smoothly. She couriered it to us and it’s lovely, absolutely brand new, so I’m really pleased. I’ve been practising folding and unfolding it.

My pelvis is still good at 33 weeks pregnant. My back is still sore. I looked online about grape juice and it said that actually red grape juice can cause iron deficiency, but white grape juice is good for iron, so I will get some white grape juice.

I’ve been feeling more energetic on the iron tablets and it makes me feel more like doing things like housework and sorting. There’s lots to sort what with our bedroom carpet being fitted, so I’m glad I’ve got the energy to do it, even if my back hurts afterwards.

Baby is still moving loads, but stays in the same position with her bum just to the left of my belly button and feet kicking out to the right.

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