32 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

By 32 weeks pregnant you will sometimes feel your making very strong movements and sometimes being very still. Some babies will settle into the head down positions ready for labour as early as 32 weeks. It is a good idea to regularly position yourself on all fours as this encourages your baby to go head down.

Scans have shown that at this stage babies have similar patterns to dream sleep as adults, so it is thought that at 32 weeks your baby could be having dreams.

Your baby is about 40.5cm long and weighs roughly 3 and a half ounces.


If you haven’t already left work you are probably looking forward to doing so soon. You might find yourself feeling anxious about giving birth. Try to think positively and not to think about it so much that you stress yourself out.

You are probably feeling quite uncomfortable by now, feeling the extra weight you are carrying and finding it difficult to sleep well at night.

Many women begin to feel bored and fed up with being pregnant at this stage. This is perfectly understandable as you have been pregnant for a long time now, and it’s starting to take its toll.

As your tummy gets bigger you may start to notice stretchmarks. These are unavoidable for a lot of women and some skin types will mark more than others. However, many feel that using vitamin E oil or cream helps their skin to stretch easier.

Even if you do get stretchmarks, don’t worry too much as they will gradually fade after you have had your baby.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 32

I’ve started taking the Ferrous Sulphate tablets for iron and also need to think about getting some grape juice. A few people have said that red grape juice is good for iron, so I will have to get some.

I’m going to have to start thinking about getting a double buggy seriously now. My searches on eBay haven’t come up with anything nearby. I’ve started looking on Preloved online to see if I can find a Jane Powertwin on there.

I found a brand new Powertwin on Preloved, someone selling one they’ve never used. I’ve made an offer and waiting to hear back from them.

I can’t believe how much this baby moves, she doesn’t stop wriggling morning ‘til night. It’s lovely to feel her though, even if she wakes me up in the night sometimes.

I’m still getting quite tired and achey when I do too much, but my pelvis is absolutely fine now i'm 32 weeks pregnant. It’s like the problem has magically gone away, so that’s a relief.

Our room is on it’s way to being done, bit of painting to do and then the carpet and it’ll be almost there. I’ll be so pleased to have it all fresh for when the baby arrives.

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