31 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

Now you are 31 weeks pregnant and your baby’s organs are pretty much fully developed, apart from the lungs, which still need a bit of maturing.

Baby’s nervous system development is progressing rapidly so that your baby is now able to feel pain and also messages are travelling faster to the brain so that he/she can learn more.

The main growth now is through laying down stores of fat and not so much lengthening.

Baby is around 40cm long and weighs about 3 pounds.


Because your baby is becoming quite large and there is less space for your internal organs, you may feel noticeably more breathless. You may also experience worse heartburn because of the pressure on your stomach.

Your breasts may feel uncomfortable at night because they are larger. If this is the case it’s worth wearing a maternity bra or investing in a bra designed for wearing at night to keep them supported well.

If you haven’t had them already, at this stage you might start getting Braxton Hicks – tightening of your womb that is like a very mild contraction, thought to help prepare it for labour.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 31

I’m enjoying this week. We went to a family party at the weekend and all had to dress up posh, which was really fun. Freddy wore a little tuxedo and looked really cute. I enjoyed getting glammed up, because I felt like I looked nice, even though I really feel quite huge and like I’m not looking my best at the moment.

Now I'm 31 weeks pregnant think I’m getting a bit of water retention on my legs as sometimes they look puffier than others, and my socks seem to cut into my ankles quite a lot by the end of the day.

I’ve seen my GP this week and she prescribed me some Ferrous Sulphate tablets to take twice a day to boost my iron. That’s a relief because I didn’t really feel like my diet was going to solve the problem of low iron. Also the Floradix tonic I bought has been making me feel nauseous so I stopped taking it. I just hope the iron tablets don’t make me too constipated.

The doctor said that baby is still head down and probably won’t shift from that position. That is consistent with her movements because I’ve been feeling her bum just to the left of my belly button and limbs poking out on the right side of my tummy. I’m glad she’s where she needs to be.

I still weigh 12 stone at 31 weeks pregnant, which I’m surprised about because I thought I’d just keep putting on the weight. My tummy continues to grow though, and is about 41 inches.

Braxton Hicks are becoming quite regular in the evening and some are quite strong, almost feeling like mild period pains. I’m glad it’s all getting ready for labour.

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