30 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

30 weeks pregnant, and only 10 weeks to go! Your baby still has a lot of growing to do in that time.

Because your baby has less room to move around, the movements are now much more vigorous, and a sharp kick in the ribs or lower abdomen can make you gasp.

Your baby’s most comfortable position is with its arms and legs crossed and curled up because of reduced space.

You may feel your baby jump when he/she is startled by a loud noise.

Your baby is about 38cm long now and weighs around 2 and a half pounds. This can vary greatly though as birth weights show.


By week 30 your weight gain is significant and it’s important to pay attention to your posture to help with backache.

You will find yourself becoming slower as you lug around the extra weight and perhaps feel a bit on the clumsy side and maybe even worry about falling.

The extra weight on your feet will likely make them ache by the end of the day, so try and put them up as much as you can.

Walking uphill or up the stairs can make you very breathless, this is normal as is not being able to sleep well due to regular trips to the toilet and not being able to get comfy.

Yes you will get more uncomfortable, but don’t worry; you really haven’t got long to go now.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 30

I'm 30 weeks pregnant and it feels good! Everything is going pretty well really, apart from my sore back and pelvis. I’m not dwelling too much on the fact that doing housework is hard. I do wish I could be doing more, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

I’ve realised that I’m actually quite disorganised this time and really need to start thinking about getting a double buggy sorted as Freddy is too little to walk everywhere.

People say that the Jane Powertwin is a really good one and after reading up on it I’ve decided that’s the one I’ll try to go for. They are quite expensive so I’m going to try to get one second hand. I’ve started look on eBay for one that is either nearby or can be sent via courier.

It seems crazy that I only have 10 weeks until my due date. When I look ahead that seems a long time, but when I look back 10 weeks they have really whizzed by. I know I’m going to have to get myself organized otherwise the due date will be here and I won’t be ready.

My pelvis is sore on and off, but not quite as bad as it was, and my back is normally ok in the morning, but sore by the end of the day when I’ve done a few things.

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