28 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

At 28 weeks pregnant you will find that you can clearly notice times when your baby is resting and when he/she is awake and moving around. These patterns will continue when your baby is born.

Your baby’s organs are still very immature, but he/she would stand a good chance of surviving if born now.

Weight is gaining rapidly as your baby continues to put on fat. He/she should weigh around 2 pounds now and is about 36cm long.


Congratulations, 28 weeks and you are now into your 3rd trimester! Not long now!

From this point your antenatal appointments could well be every two weeks. Your blood may be checked again to see how your iron levels are doing. If they are low then you may need to take iron supplements to prevent you becoming anaemic.

If your blood group is rhesus negative you will be offered your first dose of anti-D.

As your abdomen stretches you find your skin itches. This is normal, but if the itching is excessive than make your midwife aware as it can indicate something more serious.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 28

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and my pelvis is really sore this week, I’m not sure if I’ve done anything to strain it, or if it’s just a hormonal thing, but I feel like I have really bad groin strain on the right side. Walking is painful and I have to take little steps. My sister has leant me a couple of tubey grips that go over your body and hips and help by holding your pelvis together. The pain eases a bit when I wear these.

I had my bloods taken this week, my blood pressure and everything was fine. I’m weighing in at 12 stone, which was what I weighed with Freddy right at the end of the pregnancy, so I feel that's quite heavy for 28 weeks pregnant. I wonder what I will weigh at the end of this one.

Later this week I hear from my midwife that my iron is 10.5 and it should be at least 12, so it’s quite low. I’m going to need to try to get my iron up, so I’ve got some Floradix which is a liquid iron drink, and I’ve started to cook more green vegetables.

I bought some dried apricots from the health food shop, the kind that aren’t preserved with sulphur in them, but they taste really horrible, so I don’t want to eat them.

My next appointment is with my GP in 3 weeks time and I’ll mention the iron problem to her.

My midwife measured my bump and felt it and said that baby feels like she’s slightly smaller than average, but that could change. Her heartbeat sounded very strong and she booted the Doppler while we were listening and made us laugh. My midwife things she’s head down, which is a relief.

I’ve managed to escape any more flu bugs or bad colds which I’m relieved about. I think eating more vegetables and fruit is helping with that.

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