27 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

Your baby, by the time you are 27 weeks pregnant, is able to open his/her eyes and see light through the skin of your abdomen.

He/she should have regular times of wriggling around and rests in between. If baby is not moving regularly you should let your midwife know.

Baby has become good at the sucking motion, and may start sucking on a finger or thumb.

Baby’s brain is developing very fast at this stage and he/she is also steadily gaining weight.

Your baby is about 35cm long and weighs around 1 and three quarter pounds.


When you reach 27 weeks you will find that you are becoming noticeably bigger, often from week to week. Your rib cage will be expanding too as your baby grows and everything moves upwards.

You will likely feel breathless at times because your lungs have less room. Lying on your back is likely very uncomfortable by now and not advisable as your uterus presses onto blood vessels and can make you feel faint.

In bed try lying on your side and propping your bump and legs up with plenty of pillows. Night times will likely be getting less and less comfortable for you as your bump grows.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 27

Some weeks feel like hard work and this is one of them. Freddy is in naughty mode and is seemingly taking great delight in winding me up. It’s like he senses I’m physically not right at the moment and enjoys lying on the floor or in the bath and refusing to get up.

Because hormones are rushing around my body I’m much more tearful than normal and it doesn’t take much of Freddy playing up to make me cry and feel a bit helpless. A good cry usually makes me feel a bit better though.

During these weeks when I don’t have any pregnancy-related appointments, I easily forget that I’m pregnant because I’m busy looking after Freddy and getting on with things. I still feel a bit swamped by all the housework because physically I’m not really up to the task at the moment. I’m just doing what I can manage though.

I keep thinking about the fact that I’m carrying a little girl and it makes me smile. I’m very excited to meet her. At 27 weeks pregnant there's only 13 weeks to go!

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