26 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

26 weeks pregnant and your baby is now starting to put on fat under that wrinkly skin, although he/she still looks very skinny. This fat will help to regulate your baby’s body temperature.

Baby’s skin is quite transparent so you can see lots of little veins, but it is starting to turn opaque.

Your baby will often respond to touch and may get excited if you go in the bath or shower. You can tell this because baby will often kick more and wriggle around and you can see your tummy moving.

Your baby is now about 34cm long and weighs about 1 and a half pounds.


By 26 weeks you may notice a line down the middle of you abdomen darkening, although not all women get this.

If you haven’t already you will need to decide when you want to finish work and let your employer know. If your husband is going to take paternity leave then he will need to arrange this with his employer as well.

You should be exercising regularly, something like swimming, as this helps your body to strengthen in preparation for labour.

Cramp in your legs can be a regular occurrence at night. If you suffer from this then push your heels down and bring your toes up as this helps to ease the cramp. Some say the cramp is due to low potassium levels, which can be helped by munching on a banana before bedtime!

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 26

I’m so glad that I’m not getting sick any more. I’m trying to get back on top of all the housework, but because my back and pelvis are bad I’m finding I can only do little bits at a time and can’t manage to give the house the thorough spring clean I feel it needs.

I’m 26 weeks pregnant now and i've got 30 weeks as another milestone in my head, and I’ll be really glad once I get there because it will feel a bit more like the home stretch.

I’m loving feeling the baby move, she seems to be getting rather wriggly and at the moment her movements seem to suggest that she’s in a traverse position most of the time as I feel like I get hands and feet pushing the sides of my tummy at the same time.

I’m generally feeling very positive about everything, my midwife appointments have all been going very well, and I’ll have one, which will include a blood test soon so I’ll know how my iron levels are doing.

We would like to get our bedroom decorated before the baby arrives so Davo and I are planning what needs to be done and starting to get things in motion.

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