24 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

So when you are 24 weeks pregnant your midwife can hear your baby’s heartbeat through a stethoscope. You will start to notice times when your baby is moving vigorously and other times when baby is quiet. This indicates that your baby is having regular wakeful times and sleeps.

Baby’s hearing is becoming sharper and he/she can clearly hear your voice and your heartbeat.

At 24 weeks your baby is at the stage where if he/she were born prematurely there would be a chance of survival with special care.

Your baby is about 32cm long and weighs about 1 pound.


Your weight gain may be quite rapid, as much as a pound each week. Your centre of gravity will be shifting which could cause you to feel clumsy and you may need to take extra care.

Carrying the extra weight will likely make you start to feel tired, and your feet might ache from it. Try to rest as much as you can and invest in some comfy, flat shoes if you don’t already have some.

Whether you are excited about your pregnancy or anxious, you are nearing the home straight. You are well over halfway and the last few months will be over before you know it.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 24

My cold has finally gone, apart from a little bit of a chesty cough, which is fine. I’ve been starting to do more around the house and trying to sort some things which have needed sorting for a while. I find that I’m having to be careful not to overdo things because of my back though. By the evening, if I’ve had a day of being busy around the house, I’m in quite a lot of pain with it.

I’ve been suffering with heartburn a bit over the weeks, some evenings I have to take Gaviscon for it, but I feel it’s generally not as bad as last time by 24 weeks pregnant.

I’ve seen my midwife this week. Everything seems to be fine. I checked whether my husband, mum and sister would all be allowed in the delivery room with me and she said that would be fine. My baby’s heart sounded good and she’s been moving around a lot, usually in the evenings and night-time she wakes up and has a good kick around.

I’ve had a few days of headaches. They usually develop as the day goes on, but I’ve found that if I drink more water it helps. My sister said with her little girl she had headaches at around 24 weeks pregnant.

I’ve bought some Floradix, which is a liquid iron drink to help boost my iron and I’m trying to eat more green vegetables.

One of the days this week I was busy on my feet sorting and tidying and then cooked a roast in the evening. By bed-time my back was so bad I was walking with a limp and when I got into bed I couldn’t move around without Davo helping me. I’m going to have to be more careful.

Still, I’d sooner have a really bad back than morning sickness, which is completely gone now. Hurray!

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