23 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

By the time you are 23 weeks pregnant you baby is looking very much like a newborn in terms of proportions, although much smaller and thinner. He/she hasn’t started to put on fat yet and so has wrinkled skin.

Your baby is getting stronger as the muscles develop and you should be able to feel the kicks and wriggles getting more noticeable.

If you are having a boy, his scrotum is well developed at this stage, and in a girl, the ovaries are formed and contain millions of eggs.

Baby is around 30cm and weighs about 15 ounces.


Your baby is big enough to be felt by your midwife when she presses on your abdomen.

As your uterus continues to grow, you may feel cramps down the side of your abdomen. This is normal and is caused by the muscles of your womb stretching.

You may experience a higher sex drive (not all women do) at this stage. If you are having a normal pregnancy then it is fine to make love, although you may have to try some different positions as your tummy grows.

Low down backache is common by week 23, which can be uncomfortable when sitting for any length of time. An increased vaginal discharge is also common.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 23

Each week I’m feeling a little better from the cold/flu bug I’ve had. I’ve been buying oranges and more vegetables and trying to include them more in our diet.

I’m so happy to be 23 weeks pregnant and past the sickness, I definitely feel like that is the worst bit about being pregnant.

Because I am bigger this time around my pelvis and back seem to be affected more. Usually when I get up in the morning my pelvis is very sore until after I get moving around. Some mornings I’ve had a warm bath to try to ease it and that seems to help.

My back is usually worst at the end of the day after I’ve done some chores. Bending down to do washing, carrying Freddy and being on my feet a lot seem to really aggravate my back. I’ve noticed the pain stems from my Coccyx, which is the ‘tail bone’ or the bone right at the bottom of the spine. If I get my husband to rub that for me it feels really very sore and painful, but it helps to have it rubbed. It seems to be mostly affecting my right side at the moment.

I’m still elated at the thought of having a little sister for Freddy and also because my sickness has gone. These two factors are making me feel very positive. Davo and I can’t agree on names, and he’s very busy with work so I will have to wait until his work calms down so we can discuss it properly.

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