22 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

Your baby, when you are 22 weeks pregnant, should have a layer of fine hair on his/her skin called lanugo. This helps to keep your baby nice and warm.

Baby’s legs are now in proportion to the body and he/she is very active inside you. He/she is likely to respond to hearing yours or your partner’s voice or other noises like music or singing.

You baby is about 29cm long and weighs around 14 ounces.


So now you are really looking pregnant rather than just podgy. You may be enjoying being pregnant because you feel well and you are not too big to be uncomfortable yet.

If you feel tired, it may be due to a lack of iron. Make sure you eat plenty of iron-rich foods, you know the ones – spinach, dried apricots, cashew nuts, lentils to name a few.

You may notice your shoes become a bit tighter if you are suffering from water retention.

If you find your ribs are aching, try sitting up very straight or lifting your arms above your head to ease the pressure.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 22

This week I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I have had a temperature and felt achey and feverish. I’ve been to the doctor and got penicillin for my sinuses.

Throughout the week I gradually start to feel a bit better and I think the penicillin is helping a little with my blocked nose.

Now that I know we are having a girl I feel like I can start to get things ready a bit more. I’ve started to think about what names we might like and I also would really like to get some baby girl clothes sorted too because I’m so excited. I’ll have to wait for the sales though so that I don’t spend too much.

We’ve told Freddy he is going to have a little sister, and he smiles a lot when we talk about it, but I’m not sure how much he understands as he’s very little still.

As I’m recovering from my cold I’m started to feel a little more energetic and able to do a bit more around the house and make some more interesting things for dinner. It feels good to start feeling a bit human again.

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