21 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

Now you are 21 weeks pregnant you should be able to feel your active baby kicking and wriggling around. It may even keep you awake at night. If this happens you could try stroking your tummy and talking to your baby, as he/she will recognise your voice and be soothed by it.

Baby is now covered with a white substance called vernix, which protects his/her skin while it is surrounded by amniotic fluid.

Your baby is steadily gaining weight and should weigh around 13 ounces and be about 27cm long.


By this time you should be able to see your tummy ripple when your baby moves around.

You could start to feel breathless because your rib cage is starting to push up, giving your lungs less room. But you will likely be feeling energetic, so it’s a good idea to think about doing things like getting the nursery ready for baby.

As mentioned, your baby’s movements will probably be enough to keep you awake at night. I always thought it was lovely to feel my baby wriggling away though, even if it was during the night.

During these middle months, some women find that they enjoy sex more than ever, whereas others still feel worn out and don't really feel like having sex.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 21

This week I am 21 weeks pregnant, we are on holiday and it feels good. Unfortunately just when I thought my cold was getting better it worsened and I have a sore throat and completely blocked nose and a cough now, and I’m feeling a bit worse for wear.

Because the nature of the holiday is that there is a fair bit of walking involved, it seems to have made my pelvis sore. One of the days I did a lot of walking and had to rest the next day because I could feel it was really aggravating my pelvis and pubic bone. I will have to be careful and keep an eye on that as I don’t want to develop SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfuntion).

This week I feel as though I can finally say goodbye to the sickness, I was worried that my cold would bring it back again, but it really does seem to have finished with me, so I’m really relieved. 21 weeks pregnant and I can enjoy food again, although right now I can’t taste it or smell it because of my cold!

We got back from our holiday and we’ve all caught a tummy bug. First Freddy started vomiting, then the next day it was me, and then it was Davo on the Sunday. Thankfully, the bug was just a 24 hour affair. We enjoyed our holiday, but feel worn out and want to feel better soon. My sinuses are painful and I can’t breathe at all through my nose. I think being pregnant means that bugs affect me more than they usually would.

I’ve got my private gender scan to go to, thankfully it’s 24 hours since I was sick with the tummy bug so I can go to it. Davo is ill with the bug though, so I’m taking my sister instead.

The scan is absolutely amazing, we saw my baby in 3D, moving around and she looks so cute! Yes, we were told by the sonographer, and saw for ourselves too that it’s a little girl! I’m so happy. I phoned Davo straight away to tell him the news. He was happy too.

We were given some lovely photos and a DVD with the 3D video of the baby on it. I’m going to write up a page for the website and put on the video and some photos.

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