19 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

Your baby, when you are 19 weeks pregnant, is rapidly putting on weight, but the growing in length has started to slow down. Baby regularly ‘breathes’ or sucks in amniotic fluid.

The heart is beating away, very fast. Baby’s milk teeth have formed in the gums and the buds for the adult permanent teeth are beginning to form.

Baby is about 23cm long now and weighs around 10 ounces.


So many physical changes! Week 19 may hold the following for you:

You may notice tiny veins on your face. These are broken blood vessels, caused by the changes in your circulation. They will go after you have had your baby.

You may find you are gaining weight on your bottom and thighs as well as your tummy, this is normal. Also, you may start to feel a little breathless. This is also normal and is caused by the hormones circulating in your body.

You may want to start thinking about making a birth plan, bearing in mind that you will need to be flexible about what you want.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 19

This week the sickness seems to a little better again, although I have been sick a couple of times. But I feel like I’m starting to enjoy food more now.

I’m getting impatient for my scan and really want to make sure everything is ok with the baby and find out if it’s a boy or girl.

Interestingly my sister said that with her little girl she had bad skin and constipation, as well as worse sickness, so I suppose that could mean that I’m carrying a girl, if such patterns exist.

19 weeks pregnancy and I’m still feeling tired and unenergetic. I wonder if it’s because I have Freddy to care for as well this time.

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