17 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

Your baby, at 17 weeks pregnant, now has tiny eyelashes and eyebrows and hair on his/her head. Baby’s nervous system is working, which means he or she can make controlled movements like grasping the umbilical cord.

Baby’s taste buds are beginning to develop, allowing him/her to distinguish between sweet and sour. He/she moves around turning and kicking, but you will still only feel a faint rumbling in your tummy.

Baby is about 17 cm long and weighs around 6.5 ounces.


Your waistline will be rapidly disappearing at 17 weeks, you may need to buy some maternity clothes. To save money try to buy items that you can mix and match.

You may notice some stretch marks starting to appear, an increase in vaginal discharge and your veins becoming more prominent on your arms, legs and breasts.

You should, however, be feeling nice and energetic. Perhaps now would be a good time to plan a break with your partner. If you are working, you may want to start thinking about when you will leave and whether you want to return.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 17

17 weeks pregnant and this week I’ve had a bit of bleeding from my gums when I brush my teeth. I know this is normal.

Again it’s a mixture of some better days and some days feeling really poorly and being sick. On Wednesday I wasn’t having too bad a day, but I decided to use up some mince at lunch time because it was slightly over it’s use by date. It smelled and looked ok so I started cooking it. But when it started cooking, the smell got really rancid, and it was clear that it had gone off. The smell was so offensive to me that it immediately induced vomiting and I couldn’t go into the kitchen without heaving.

I had to get Davo to get rid of the meat and the smell in the kitchen. After that my stomach wasn’t so good, like being sick had unsettled it for the rest of the day.

A couple of times I’ve ended up in tears because I’m so fed up of feeling rotten even though i'm 17 weeks pregnant now. Poor little Freddy must wonder what is wrong with me. When he sees my upset he gives me the biggest grin to try and cheer me up, and it always works.

I’ve tried to vary what I’m making for tea a bit this week. Because I’ve been ill I’ve been a bit boring with what I’ve been cooking, partly because I can’t stomach much, and partly because I want to make really easy dinners. This week I’ve tried to make a couple of different things, which are tasty and nutritious.

The house is due a complete spring clean, so I really hope my energy allows for that soon. Davo is still being an excellent help in keeping my head above water by doing things when I can’t.

I must admit, I thought by 17 weeks I’d be really blooming and feeling great. Still, it really does make me wonder whether the gender is different this time. Hopefully we will find out in a few weeks at the 20 weeks scan.

This week I’ve felt lots and lots of baby movements. It’s suddenly become much stronger, although you can’t really feel it from the outside yet. But baby is definitely a little wriggler.

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