16 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

When you are 16 weeks pregnant your baby’s joints and limbs are now all in place. Toes and fingers are fully formed with tiny nails.

Baby regularly swallows amniotic fluid and passes it as urine. Your baby will also be wriggling around a lot, and now that baby is around 15cm long and weighs about 5 ounces, you may start to feel a slight fluttering sensation when he or she moves.


So, you may be starting to feel a very light bubbling or fluttering sensation, this is you feeling your baby move and is very exciting! Not all women can feel their baby at this stage though, so don’t worry if you can’t.

Many women find that their breasts already start producing colostrum, this is a rich milk-like substance that will give your baby lots of nutrients for the first few days after birth.

You may notice your feet and ankles swelling with water retention, this is perfectly normal, although if you are getting excessive swelling in your hands and feet you should contact your midwife.

If you aren’t feeling sick anymore then you will probably start to feel hungrier than usual and find you have a bigger appetite. Some women also notice the start of a dark line down the middle of their tummy, this gradually goes after the baby is born.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 16

Well the wedding went well, I had a really good day and didn’t feel sick at all. My hair and makeup went really well and I got lots of compliments which was a big booster to my confidence as I’ve been feeling quite bloated and rough-looking for weeks.

On days when I feel up to it I’ve decided to try to put a bit more effort into doing a bit of makeup, just to make myself feel a bit better about how I look.

I’ve noticed my hair seems to be mega thick and I’m not losing much when I wash it. Nails are growing really fast too. As is my bump! I’ve had quite a few comments about how much larger I am this time at 16 weeks pregnant! My mum said I looked like I am putting more weight on around my sides this time, which could mean it’s a girl.

I’ve seen the midwife this week for a check up. She had a student midwife with her who was really nice. They checked my urine, which seemed ok and my blood pressure. I showed them my blood test results that came back from the hospital and they said my iron levels are ok.

Then they listened for the baby’s heartbeat. The student midwife said that it might take a while to find because the baby is still very tiny, but the second she put the device on my tummy we heard the heart beating really strong. She said it sounded like a good strong gallop. It was a relief and so lovely to hear.

I’ve felt a few little movements at 16 weeks pregnant, but nothing very much yet. I keep confusing myself because last time when I was this big I was feeling really strong movements. I have to remind myself that I’m only 16 weeks and this time last pregnancy I only felt a very faint butterfly feeling.

Still feeling pretty tired and trying to rest when I can. Some days are ok, some days I’m still being sick.

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