15 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

Now you are 15 weeks pregnant your baby is becoming better proportioned, the head not looking so huge compared to the body and the legs becoming longer than the arms.

Baby’s eyebrows and eyelashes have formed and he or she is becoming covered in a soft downy hair called lanugo that will protect the skin while he or she is in your womb.

It’s likely that your baby can hear by now, and the amniotic fluid is a good conductor of sound, so baby can hear your heartbeat, tummy rumbling and your voice.

Your baby is now about 12cm long and weighs about 3 and a half ounces.


Amazingly, by this stage your heart will have enlarged to cope circulating more blood around you body and will be doing 20% more than before.

You may be feeling a bit clumsy and forgetful, something affectionately referred to as ‘baby brain’.

If you haven’t already, you should get measured and buy a bra that isn’t under-wired to make sure that your larger breasts are supported well.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 15

This week again I’ve had some better days where I really don’t feel so sick, but there still seems to be at least a couple of sicky days each week still. Some days I manage not to throw up and some days I’m still throwing up either in the morning or later on in the day.

I’m really hoping the sickness is finished with me soon, as i'm 15 weeks pregnant now. I’m being a bridesmaid in a few days and could really do with not having to worry about eating every five minutes or being sick. I’ve practised my makeup and got a fake tan as I really want to look my best despite feeling not so great.

I’ve noticed that although I’m don’t often vomit in the evening, I feel generally worse in the evening, like my stomach becomes uncomfortable, even on good days.

I’ve found that hot chocolates seem to agree with my stomach, especially in the evening.

On days where I’m feeling a bit better I’m trying to do more. On bad days Davo is a star and does washing up, making meals, helping with Freddy etc.

I still haven’t got my energy back yet, so even on good days I’m limited as to what I can do physically. Not able to blitz the house yet.

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