14 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations, you are now 14 weeks pregnant and into your second trimester. This should ease your mind a bit because the crucial stage is now over and statistically there is less risk now that anything will go wrong.

You should be starting to ‘bloom’ by now and to feel much more energetic and healthy. For me, the second trimester was when I really started to enjoy being pregnant.

Your Baby

Baby’s forehead, nose and chin are becoming more clearly defined making the face look much more human. The heartbeat is strong and about twice as fast as an adult heartbeat.

Baby is starting to be able to make facial expressions by wrinkling its brow and can turn its head. He or she can also respond to stimulus by moving away when your midwife pushes on your tummy.

Your baby’s unique fingerprints are also in place and baby is about 10cm long and weighs about 2 ounces.


As mentioned, by 14 weeks pregnant you will hopefully be feeling a lot better and more energetic. You may find your sex drive increases sex becomes more enjoyable, but some women wonder is it ok to carry on with making love during pregnancy?

Many women notice their nails becoming stronger and their hair thickening and becoming more glossy. You will likely be starting to feel quite proud of your growing bump and excited at the prospect of having to wear a whole new lot of clothes.

If you are still not enjoying the pregnancy experience, though, don’t despair. Not every woman does. Some don’t feel well throughout and so can’t really enjoy it, while others don’t like putting on weight or the thought that a baby is growing inside of them. If you fall into this category, try and think positively, you only have 26 weeks left to go and it will fly by.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 14

This week, at 14 weeks pregnant I seem to be fighting off a cold and it’s making the sickness worse again just when I thought I was getting past it. It’s so frustrating.

My housework has really gone to pot over the weeks that I’ve been ill and I’m really getting to the point where I just need to get better and get back on with normal life. I hate it when things get on top of you because you can’t do what you normally do.

At least now that Davo can walk on his ankle again I’ve got help from him, he’s being really great filling in where I can’t do things, making dinners and helping with Freddy.

When I’ve spoken about our decision to stop at two kids if it’s a girl a couple of people have expressed that I won’t do that because I’ll forget how bad I’ve been feeling. This diary is a reminder of how bad it’s been and is continuing to be so that I won’t forget and will stick to my plan and be sensible. Even if some people feel able to deal with it again and again I really don't feel I can or want to and I intend to stick with that decision.

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