13 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

At 13 weeks pregnant you are right at the end of your first trimester and your baby looks like a proper little person now, just very miniature. Baby can suck, frown and clench those tiny little fists.

Baby’s bone marrow, liver and spleen have taken over productions of red blood cells. At about 8cm or 3 inches long your baby is about the size of a pear and weighs around 1 and a half ounces.


Hopefully you will find you have plenty of energy at 13 weeks, so you might want to start some form of exercise such as swimming. Your sickness will hopefully be gone too, but if it isn’t, don’t despair, some women find it eases at around 15 or 16 weeks.

Your bump should be growing nicely and you will notice your veins are more prominent on your breasts and your areolas around your nipples are darker.

Probably people will know you are pregnant by now and may want to tell you their pregnancy and birth stories. If any are less than positive, don’t let it worry you, just make sure you keep doing everything you can to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 13

This week I am 13 weeks pregnant and I have had a couple of days where the sickness has been noticeably better. One day I went to my sister’s and I was able to eat and enjoy croissants at 11am and then tuna and cheese sandwiches for lunch and it felt great. In the evening I didn’t feel quite so good, but it has really given me a light at the end of the tunnel.

I still feel tired and I am still getting sick, but I feel like it is a bit more manageable and easy to cope with. I’m so looking forward to getting that second trimester burst of energy.

One thing keeps me positive and that is that having worse sickness this time could mean it’s a girl. I would like to have a girl as me and Davo shook hands to agree that if I do I won’t have any more. And that’s not because I don’t want lots of kids, it’s just because I’ve realised that I really couldn’t go through this sickness again. If it’s a boy we will have to think what to do, whether trying to get a girl is worth going through this again.

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