12 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

So, at 12 weeks pregnant your body has succeeded in making a real miniature human being with a beating heart (about 110-160 times per minute), facial features, toes and fingers and even nails beginning to grow.

Your baby swallows amniotic fluid and then passes it as urine. Baby’s chest also rises and falls as it practices breathing movements for the future.

Your little baby is now about 6.5 cm or 2 and a half inches long and weighs about 3 quarters of an ounce.


By now you should be feeling a lot more energetic and less sick than you did before. Between now and week 20 you will put on about a quarter of your pregnancy weight, so lots of growing going on!

You will hopefully be starting to feel very excited about having a baby, and if you haven’t already, now might be the time for you to start telling friends, family and employers about your pregnancy. If you put it off much longer, people will probably start to notice.

You may have just had, or just be about to have your first ultrasound scan. When you see your baby wriggling around for the first time you will probably feel quite emotional. It is an amazing and wonderful thing to see, and makes the whole thing so much more real.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 12

12 weeks pregnant and this week I think I have had one or two slightly improved days, followed by really bad days, but it gives me a bit of hope.

We went for our scan and saw our second baby wriggling around like crazy. I had a student sonographer doing it and she didn’t get very clear photos. But I saw the baby very clearly while she was taking her measurements and everything looked wonderful. The little heart was beating away and the baby wouldn’t stop moving. It’s such a relief to see that because you always have that worry that things aren’t going to be as they should be.

They changed my due date by one day, from 23rd April to 24th April, which I must admit seems a bit pointless. Screening test results came through and said that all seemed normal and that I was low risk for Down’s Syndrome. Although I feel rotten, at least that’s a reassurance that all is well.

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