10 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby

Your baby’s ears are visible from the outside at 10 weeks pregnant and the head is growing fast. The chin is developing and the jaw line is becoming more defined.

Baby’s body is getting longer and you can see tiny fingers and toes developing although they are webbed at the moment. Your baby is about 4.5cm or 1 and 3 quarter inches long and weighs about a quarter of an ounce.


By week 10 your womb is about the size of a large orange, so you will likely be noticing changes from the outside by now. The amount of blood circulating your body has increased, so you may find that you feel hot and bothered at times.

If you are suffering from morning sickness you will probably find that it’s still a problem at this stage, but soon it should start to ease off.

You may find that you feel more comfortable in loose fitting clothes because your shape is beginning to change.

Pregnancy hormones are likely making you feel a bit up and down, like an emotional roller coaster. Don’t worry, this should settle down soon.

My Second Pregnancy Diary - Week 10

Just when I thought I’d reached the peak of the sickness, at 10 weeks pregnant, it seems to have stepped up another gear. Whereas before I have been feeling really rough but have been able to force myself to eat little bits and then feel a bit better for a short while, now I can’t even seem to sip a drink without it hurting my stomach.

It feels like whatever I put in my stomach gets rejected, and I’m now worried that if I can’t eat the sickness will just deteriorate. The tiredness is so great that I’ve had a few days where I have just had to stay in my dressing gown all day and have only been able to do the bare minimum. It feels like everything is getting on top of me. Davo is doing what he can, but with his ankle bad that isn’t very much.

My mum says she wants me to come to hers so she can look after me, but I can’t because I have to look after Davo. Everything is feeling very hard and I’ve lost a bit of the excitement of having another baby. The only thing I can do is look forward to the second trimester and feeling better and more energetic. It can’t come soon enough.

More and more people are finding out now, I’ve been too poorly to hide it, and some friends are saying they’ve noticed for weeks now that my tummy is growing!

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