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Whether your pregnancy is planned or a surprise, the majority of us ladies will experience this incredible miracle at some point.

It’s a very natural instinct for women to have children, to enjoy nursing a baby, and yet, it’s not as straightforward as it might seem.

There are lots and lots of questions to be asked because having a baby is a huge responsibility and we want to get it right, or at least do the very best we can.

I have found that, as the proud mother of Freddy who was born in June 2009, there is so much advice I have sought from my mother (who has done the baby thing 5 times), my sister (mother of 3), friends who have children of their own, and various books and magazines.

This is because there have been so many times, right from when my husband and I decided we’d like to try for a baby, that I’ve needed answers to questions or to put my mind to rest from worry or just to try to find out what to do for the best results.

My aim is to use my experiences and those of my friends and family who have had or are expecting babies and lots of research to bring you a useful, practical and down-to-earth website where you will be able to find everything you are looking for, answers to your questions and reassurance when you aren’t sure things are going right.

I want to go further than the professional advice found in books and other pregnancy websites by letting you know what ‘actually’ works, or what the case is ‘in practice’ rather than just in theory.

From the decision to try for a baby, or the moment you find out unexpectedly that you are pregnant to preparing for the arrival of your little one, to nurturing them as they grow, there is so much involved with these little people that, personally, I think we need all the help we can get, and if this website helps some people on their journey and makes it even a tiny bit more enjoyable or less stressful for them then my mission is accomplished.

Pregnancy Friend Blog
Pregnancy Friend Blog - Keep up-to-date with information on pregnancy, giving birth and caring for your baby.
All About Me
All About Me - Get to know me a little and find out what i'm trying to acheive.
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Getting Pregnant
Getting pregnant can sometimes be harder than we imagine, so let's consider some ways on improving your chances.
Getting Pregnant Tips
Getting Pregnant Tips - Many women desperately want a baby, so here are some tips on how to conceive as quickly as possible.
Conceiving A Boy
Conceiving A Boy - Some basic tips for those who want to try for a boy.
Conceiving A Girl
Conceiving A Girl - Basic methods to try for those who would love a little baby girl
Getting Pregnant During Your Period
Getting Pregnant During Your Period - Is it possible? If so, how?
PCOS And Pregnancy
PCOS And Pregnancy - Helpful information for anyone wanting to find out more about PCOS and pregnancy.
Myths About Getting Pregnant
Myths About Getting Pregnant - What to believe and what to disregard.
First Signs Of Being Pregnant
First Signs Of Being Pregnant - At the stage where it's too soon to take a pregnancy test, what signs can indicate that you could be pregnant?
Questions Answered By Mums
Questions Answered By Mums - Part 1 - Getting Pregnant - Find out what some real women have experienced.
During pregnancy - a friendly overview of what to expect
During pregnancy I was really helped by the experience and practical advice from friends and family. It was too good not to share with others.
Pregnancy Week By Week
Pregnancy Week By Week - Keep track of how your baby is growing and developing and find out what you will likely be experiencing during each stage of pregnancy.
Pregnancy Conception Calculator
Pregnancy Conception Calculator - Use this calculator to find out your due date, when you conceived and other important dates in your pregnancy.
Diet And Exercise During Pregnancy
Diet And Exercise During Pregnancy - A guide to how to exercise and what to eat during pregnancy.
Foods To Avoid When Pregnant
Foods To Avoid When Pregnant - Learning which foods to avoid is vital for the healthy development of your unborn baby.
Constipation And Pregnancy
Constipation And Pregnancy - How to ease constipation, a common problem among pregnant women.
Areola When Pregnant
Areola When Pregnant - As these are some of the first changes during pregnancy, what should you look out for?
Ultrasound In Early Pregnancy
Ultrasound In Early Pregnancy - What to expect from your ultrasound scan.
Private Ultrasound Scans
Private Ultrasound Scans - Are they worth the money, how do they compare to free scans?
HCG Levels In Early Pregnancy - A simple guide
How do HCG Levels In Early Pregnancy affect me? Here is the answer!
Heartburn And Pregnancy
Heartburn And Pregnancy - What is the link? What can you do to ease it? Find out here.
Morning Sickness - Friend or Foe?
Morning sickness can be awful, so here is the best advice on how you can cope and what can improve things.
Progesterone In Pregnancy - a simple explanation
Progesterone in pregnancy, what part does this hormone play in the safe development of your baby?
Cramping During Pregnancy
Cramping During Pregnancy - What causes it and what should you do?
Bleeding While Pregnant
Bleeding While Pregnant - If you discover you are bleeding while pregnant it can be scary, but knowing the facts can put your mind at ease.
Pre Eclampsia
Pre Eclampsia - Useful information for pregnant ladies on the cause, symptoms and treatment of Pre Eclampsia.
Causes Of Miscarriage
Causes Of Miscarriage - What can increase the risk of miscarriage in the first and second trimester?
Natural Ways To Induce Labour
Natural Ways To Induce Labour - For all those desperate and fed up ladies who have gone beyond their due date.
Making Love During Pregnancy
Making Love During Pregnancy - Is it safe? Does it feel different? What can you expect?
Air Travel During Pregnancy
Air Travel During Pregnancy - What you need to know before you fly during your pregnancy.
Sample Birth Plan
Sample Birth Plan - What is a birth plan, why is it important and how do i make one?
Giving birth
Giving birth is one of the most amazing things a woman can experience.
Signs Of Labour - All You Need To Know
What are the signs of labour? Will you be having your baby soon? Identify your symptoms here.
Labour And Delivery - What Happens Inside and Out?
Labour and Delivery - Find out here what goes on inside and out while you are in labour.
The Best Positions For Giving Birth
What really are the best positions for giving birth? Here are some different ideas to try.
Forceps Delivery
Forceps Delivery - Some interesting facts about using forceps in childbirth.
Ventouse Delivery
Ventouse Delivery - What is a ventouse and how is it used in childbirth?
Episiotomy - What is an episiotomy and what effect does it have during and after childbirth?
Giving Birth In Water
Giving Birth In Water - What are the benefits and is it for you?
Your New Baby
Your New Baby - Looking after a new baby is very damanding. What can help you to cope during those first few weeks?
Newborn Baby Checklist
Newborn Baby Checklist - New babies need a lot of stuff, use these lists to help you get everything you need for when baby arrives.
Colic In Infants
Colic In Infants - Colic can be stressful. Find out here what causes it and some ways to make it easier to deal with.
Pelvic Floor Exercises
Pelvic Floor Exercises - Why are they so important? How do exercise your pelvic floor? Find out here.
Advantages Of Breastfeeding
Advantages Of Breastfeeding - Is breast really best? It's worth knowing the facts before you decide how to feed your baby.
Breastfeeding Toddler
Breastfeeding Toddler - The challenges and benefits that come with a breastfeeding toddler.
Contribute to Pregnancy
Would you like to share your knowledge about pregnancy? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.